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Themed Attraction Spec Concepts

The following is a collection of my latest and most meaningful writing projects. Each piece is unique in style and content and represents a distinct moment in my career. I hope you enjoy my work and I invite you to contact me with any questions.

Themed Attraction Concepts: Work

Muppet Labs Presents: Soarin' Over Muppet Mountain

Toy Plane

A flying coaster with all the zaniness of the Muppets

Calico Trails Hotel

Old Western Town

Hotel themed to the Old West

TV Din(n)er - Live

Image by Pawel Kadysz

Restaurant dinner show with servers as crew for multiple TV genres throughout the meal

 WALL-E: Operation Colonization


4-D Show

Mary Go Round

Carousel Horse JPEG.jpg

Dark Ride

Look To Tomorrow

Look to Tomorrow bigger.jpg


Themed Attraction Concepts: Projects

Castaway Mountain

Jungle Waterfall

Water, Log, or Raft Ride

Atascadero Mini Golf

Mini Golf

Themed to city history

Dark (Chocolate) Ride

Chocolate Factory history.jpg

Dark Ride / Interactive Coaster

Themed Attraction Concepts: Projects

Works In Progress

Things I am working on. May or may not be able to disclose in the future.

Saloon Show


Interactive Show Experience

Audience group participation in the saloon and other nearby attractions.

The Prospector

Wagon JPEG.jpg

Panning for Gold/Gems

Booklets to support a panning attraction. Backstory with educational history.

Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth new map.jpg

Stage Production

Full stage show about the ongoing search for the elusive Fountain of Youth.

Themed Attraction Concepts: Projects
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